8 Stylish Turtleneck Sweaters to Keep You Warm This Winter

They're a surprisingly versatile wardrobe staple.

Todd Snyder cashmere turtleneck Todd Snyder

Often written off as dowdy or twee, turtlenecks deserve a reappraisal. Particularly during winter’s frostiest days, roll-neck sweaters are undoubtedly a wardrobe MVP. Those high necklines not only eliminate the need for scarves, they effortlessly fill the gap left by a shirt and tie—making them an especially handy solution to work-from-home attire. Fine-gauge or chunky, wool or cashmere, turtlenecks are a fast pass to cold-weather chic.

As to the style’s sex appeal, look no further than Steve McQueen and James Bond (who has sported a roll-neck on screen numerous times, from You Only Live Twice to Spectre). Both menswear icons provide useful examples of how to wear turtlenecks with swagger. McQueen favored thickly ribbed knits—a sportier, hard-wearing style ideal for motorcycling. 007, in his many guises, often wore thinner, more fitted models. Even if you don’t have a secret agent’s physique, a finely-knit turtleneck makes a flattering base layer for everything from tailored suits to denim truckers.

We’ve pored over the many options available to pick eight of the best to buy now.

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