The 15 Best New Pieces of Summer Menswear to Buy This Week

The freshest finds from Burberry, Gucci, Amiri and more.

A Polo Ralph Lauren Hawaiian shirt, Borsalino Panama hat and Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses Nordstrom, Mr Porter, Matches Fashion

Even if the weather doesn’t suggest it, you can tell fall is approaching by the latest round of menswear drops. Sleeves are getting longer, colors are getting darker and…is that wool flannel I see? Yes, it’s good to plan ahead but there’s still plenty of summer (and summery weather) to be enjoyed. So while much of this week’s best new menswear, like Lemaire’s light-as-air blazer and Stòffa’s elegant trousers, can seamlessly transition into cooler days, we’re holding on to that summer feeling with sandals, sunglasses and one punchy Hawaiian shirt. Those picks and more, below.

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