The 10 Best T-Shirts for Men, From Levi’s Vintage Clothing to Brunello Cucinelli

10 superlative takes on the humble wardrobe essential

Tees from Boglioli, Thom Browne and John Elliott Moda Operandi, Nordstrom, John Elliott

The simple things are often the hardest to get right. When a piece of clothing is distilled to its most basic form, there are no bells and whistles to hide behind. Consider the t-shirt, that humble wardrobe workhorse. It may seem rather unimpressive compared to an intricately built bespoke suit, but in reality, a t-shirt is the sum of a few, elemental factors that are central to any quality garment: fabric, fit, finish. In many ways, a great tee is design at its purest.

When it comes to choosing t-shirts, those small details are what separate the proverbial wheat from the plastic-wrapped six-pack at your local drugstore. While often dismissed as a sartorial throwaway, t-shirts are essential in any modern man’s closet. Sure, they’re always great with jeans, but pair them with a suit and it’s a foolproof recipe for business casual. Better yet, lose the jacket in favor of a lightweight over-shirt. Or perhaps a cardigan? A chore coat? The t-shirt’s possibilities are near-infinite, which is why investing in a few superlative tees will yield especially high returns. There’s a plethora of options to choose from but we’ve done the legwork and rounded up ten of the best, below.

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