How to Wear Workwear and Still Look Sharp, From Chore Coats to Cargo Pants and More

Make it work, gents.

Utilitarian Looks Joshua Scott

Being homebound for so much of the past year, the call of the wild is particularly strong. And judging by this spring’s collections, designers, too, have had the great outdoors on their minds (Zegna even traded the runway for a trail in the Italian Alps). Utility has been trending for several seasons but this spring, it’s looking more attractive than ever.

Hard-wearing workwear and military staples, from chore coats to cargo pants, have a practicality that goes beyond their original purpose. Since sharp-suited polish isn’t on the menu for most guys right now, these utilitarian pieces offer a handy solution for wearing tailoring without looking stiff. Swap in a safari shirt for a blazer or top off a suit with a rugged parka and you’ve got a pitch perfect solution for looking smart now—whether you’re hitting the trails or the bar.

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