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From Bow Ties to Wrinkled Linen: 6 Essential Rules of Men’s Style, Illustrated

The elements of style, according to us.

Photographer Jamie Ferguson illustrating three menswear rules. Jamie Ferguson

Photographer Jamie Ferguson’s natural habitat is on the streets of London and Florence, where he documents menswear’s nattiest dressers in the wild. But lockdown forced him, like so many of us, into hibernation. Cooped up at home in the Belfast countryside with his wife and three-year-old son, Ferguson decided to make lemonade (or perhaps a whiskey sour?) out of his pandemic lemons. With his usual milieu off-limits, he took to his ad hoc home studio and turned the camera on himself.

“The idea was to create something with a little more levity, a sense of humor,” he says. “Especially since it’s me as the subject, I don’t mind taking the piss out of myself.”

As a 10-year veteran of the menswear world, working for brands including Drake’s before becoming a fulltime lensman, Ferguson has a wardrobe that provided ample material to shoot. Since you, too, are likely shopping your own closet, we figured we’d take this time to get back to basics and address a few perennial tenets of menswear, and enlisted Ferguson to illustrate them. Even if you aren’t buying any fresh duds, these essential rules can guide you in refashioning your existing attire anew.

Ferguson’s personal style mantra? “Fit, above everything else. As long as things fit properly, you can wear whatever you want—within reason.” Below, six more elements of style according to us.

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