Street Style Photographers Share What Makes Guys Look Great

Lensmen with an eye for style tell us what makes an outfit worth snapping.

5 different views of personal style Rehman, Natt, Ferguson, Chauhan, Mordechai

It’s been hard for guys who love dressing well to find outlets for their sartorial enthusiasm recently, and harder still for the photographers who document them in the wild. But with travels on hold and wardrobes being cleaned out, it’s an ideal time to reflect on what it means to express yourself through fashion.

Street style photographers have spent years finding and capturing exceptional outfits. They’ve all honed an eye for the big ideas and small details that make a guy stand out in a crowd. We asked some established and up-and-coming lensmen (all worth a follow on Instagram for further inspiration) to share their wisdom on spotting great personal style along with a photograph that encapsulates their philosophy.

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