Hermès Launches Necktie Smartphone App

The Parisian fashion house has introduced an interactive way to get your necktie fix…

Hermès has launched Tie Break, an informative and whimsical mobile app that uses a playful mix of video games, funny phrases, comics, and videos with young actors to tell the story behind the brand’s famous silk neckties.

Available on Apple and Android smartphones, the app comes as a sequel to Silk Knots, the brand’s first app, which was introduced last year and demonstrates creative ways to tie Hermès’s iconic silk scarves. Tie Break, which will be updated every season with the latest collections, similarly suggests different styles in which men’s neckties and bow ties can be knotted, even offering digital pattern samples to try on against shirts.

Although Tie Break is useful for tie enthusiasts of all ages, it aims to engage a new generation of Hermès customers, younger people who are curious to learn more about the brand’s rich history and traditions in a format that can be easily accessed while, say, riding the subway or waiting in line for coffee. Through the interactive app, users can learn of the styles’ inspirations and how the silk ties are handcrafted in the same fashion as the classic scarves—dyed, screen printed, hand cut, and sewn into form in the Hermès atelier in Lyon, France. (usa.hermes.com)

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