Hublot Ventures into the Sun

The watchmaker strides into a bright future…

The Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot launched its first mechanical watches in the early 1980s—a bold and contrarian move at a time when most manufacturers were abandoning complicated mechanisms for quartz. Over the past three decades, the brand known for its contemporary sports chronographs has continued to push boundaries, becoming the official timekeeper of Ferrari and the FIFA World Cup and creating high-performing and beautifully designed gear and accessories inspired by its watches. Following carbon-fiber bikes, sledges, and skis, Hublot has partnered with the Swiss sunglasses manufacturer Marcus Marienfeld AG and the German sports-optics manufacturer Zeiss to launch a pair of sunglasses this winter. The $3,200 shades feature blue-gray lenses with Zeiss’s signature antireflective technology, as well as Hublot’s signature H-shaped screws and arms that resemble the hands on Hublot’s popular Classic Fusion watch. The handmade sunglasses are available in black or gray titanium, with only 300 of each color produced. (+41.22.990.9000, www.hublot.com)

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