Iconic Men’s Footwear Brand Nettleton Shoes Returns to Market

Nettleton Shoes first began in 1879. After a hiatus, this iconic American footwear brand is returning to the market. Each handcrafted pair represents the quality appreciated by gentlemen who know fine things and fine living. The way Nettleton Shoes are made makes the difference. The company’s tradition and history are as rich as the leathers in the shoes. The company archives are a treasure trove of American history. They include letters from World War I soldiers and their experiences with their Nettleton Shoes, as well as correspondence from the White House regarding presidents who have worn the brand. Nettleton pioneered many industry firsts, such as the loafer. Because Nettleton Shoes can be re-soled and reconditioned, the company knows of cases in which a father or grandfather passed on his gently worn pair to a son or grandson. The tradition continues! Learn more at www.nettletonshoes.com

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