The craftsmen who labor at Industrie Confezioni Tessili, the Venice-based factory that has been making Incotex trousers since 1951, look on every pair of trousers as a piece of architecture, to be worked and reworked until the fit and all the details—finished inside pockets, full skirt construction, extended inside fly flap—are just right. Similarly, the brand is typically on the cutting edge of new fabric technology, including its more recent introductions of ice gabardine and ice twill, two lightweight, breathable cotton pants fabrics made with high-twist yarns that provide comfort, coolness, and fluidity. The company is also innovative in terms of pants models, conceiving more than 30 different variations on the classic cotton slacks—from five-pocket jeans (sold under the Incotex Cinquetasche label) in vintage washes with decorative ribbon-trimmed waistbands and side seams, to more novelty trouser styles (sold under the Incotex Red label) in a variety of casual cotton fabrics and wash treatments.

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