Innovations in Eyewear

Known for its high-performance sunglasses and accessories, Oakley has forged a new concept in sunglasses made of pure carbon fiber, a material widely used in sports cars and in the aerospace industry because of its lightweight yet durable properties. Pure carbon fiber is thinner than human hair but stronger than high-tensile steel. After months of experimentation with the material, Oakley has unveiled Oakley Elite, a capsule collection of limited-edition accessories. The C SIX carbon-fiber frames ($4,000) are being produced in a limited series of 250. Each model, which takes about 90 hours to make, employs a unique hinge system providing extreme durability without rigidity. The series also includes C SIX-sculpted aluminum and carbon-fiber sunglasses for $1,500 and the titanium Pit Boss sunglasses for $600. The high-tech frames feature Oakley’s sleek, understated styling for men and women. (800.431.1439)

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