Introducing SPIDIDENIM, the Indigo Revolution

The world of denim is fascinating, multi-layered and eclectic, a wide spectrum filled with meaning. In a realm where all seems to have been said and done, a new chapter appears: SPIDIDENIM, a breakthrough brand. Nature and technology, speed and authenticity, with style and performance transposed from the world of motorcycle racing.

SPIDIDENIM is a denim collection charged with innovation, carrying a name that epitomizes speed and performance on the road. It is a new, unexpected concept, technical at heart and premium both visually and to the touch. Rider spirit, metropolitan soul, streetwear feel.

The design is by Maurizio Zaupa, renowned Italian denim expert. With an Indigo DNA for creativity and a passion for jeans, the ultimate pop item, the epitome of a free and independent lifestyle, he is thrilled to take on the challenge.

SPIDI, leading Italian specialist with 40 years of expertise in outfitting MotoGP and World Superbike pilots, is the company behind the project. Why not apply high performance quality and well honed techniques used for racing wear to the glamorous world of denim? The result is a new way to conceptualize jeans in the fashion world without being fashion dependent. Contemporary and cool, the brand offers fresh interpretations and aesthetics for daily wear in a new and functional style.

The revolution starts with the fabrics. A prominent textile giant readily backs the effort. Orta Anadolu, denim manufacturer since 1953, partners with SPIDIDENIM. Together they begin researching and testing fabric structures. The goal: to unite absolute resistance to abrasion, impact and ripping, exactly what is required on the MotoGP track, with the softest textures, easy to wear and comfortable, exactly what jeans lovers demand.


The lab is always at work. One of the top innovations involves the application on denim of an exclusive eco-compatible nanotechnology, NanoSphere®, developed by Archroma and Schoeller Tecnologies and free from coating and pollutants. This results in jeans that are water and oil repellent, self-cleaning and therefore environmentally friendly due to reduced detergent, water and energy use.

Another innovation is the exclusive anti-UV black denim ColdBlack®, another product of the Schoeller Technologies. And there is more research in the works.

The fabrics are well defined: Each fit has been studied to the slightest detail to ensure movement and to exalt the figure. Intensive research on the internal construction has produced functional improvements like extractable protective inserts in addition to ergonomic cuts and stitching inspired by racing wear but adapted to the everyday urban life on a bicycle or scooter, on a motorcycle or on foot.

SPIDI offers a non-invasive and extremely sophisticated technology that when applied to jeans transforms them to high-performance all-weather gear. It is great to use and exhibits great style, timeless and for every season, strongly distinguished by details and color inserts that recall racing wear, re-elaborated in a unique style, easy to wear in any context.  

“Our mission is to furnish our dynamic and hi-tech oriented consumer the means to dress themselves utilizing the maximum in terms of technology, fit and comfort,” states Nicola Dalla Grana, President of SPIDI Sport Srl. “This concept implies that Spidi Denim has an intrinsic value that connects to fashion. We see our creations as more design than fashion. Industrial design is a concept that we can identify with because it perfectly combines function, economy and aesthetics to create products that last over the years — Just like our creations, which  will hopefully become carryovers, and ideally timeless icons.” Many pilots from MotoGP choose to wear their Spidi Denims off the track, including Andrea Dovizioso, Aleix Espargarò, Leon Camier and Alex De Angelis, he adds. 

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