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Menswear Mecca Liverano & Liverano Is Putting Its Archives on Sale for the First Time

Liverano Reach offers a hand-selected curation of the firm's enduring pieces.

A suit from Liverano & Liverano Rony Cadavid

In a year like 2020, we’ll take any good news we can get. One recent development should pique fellow menswear enthusiasts: the launch of Liverano Reach, a new online sales platform presenting the legendary bespoke tailor’s ready-to-wear clothing at reduced prices for the first time.

Reach features shirts, neckwear, tailoring and outerwear at prices that range from 40 to 50 percent off of their regular retail.

“The items in Liverano Reach are from our most recent and previous collections,” says Austin Pollak, who serves as Liverano & Liverano’s manager of commercial operations. “Antonio Liverano and the team spent a lot of time in our archives selecting these garments, which also include never before seen items and prototypes. Liverano Reach is like an anthology of our ready-to-wear history.”

As such, many of the featured garments—like a forest green corduroy double-breasted suit, a camouflage club collar shirt, or one of the brand’s famed Doppiouso overcoats—are available in extremely limited sizes and numbers. “Some are only a single piece and will never be made again,” Pollak adds.

Tailors at Liverano, a camel top coat.

Rony Cadavid

On November 20th, Liverano Reach will become fully accessible to the public. For now, the platform is limited to the maker’s private clients and requires a password. However, curious shoppers can request access by subscribing to the Liverano & Liverano newsletter.

“We chose this approach because it allows us to develop a very personal relationship with each of our clients, something we value very much,” Pollak says. In fact, he sees Liverano Reach as a digital bridge serving to re-connect the Florentine tailor with its clients.


“Our business is a very personal one that depends on human closeness, and actually spending time with our clients and listening to them and getting to know them. Liverano Reach was born from this simple concept. Because travel is restricted during these times, it is a way for us and our clients to reach each other and continue that dialogue.”

For now, that conversation is happening over email: clients are encouraged to reach out to customerservice@liverano.com with any questions regarding garments on Liverano Reach. The platform will remain online through the end of the year, with new items added on a rolling basis. Among the additional product categories to come will be sportswear and knitwear.

A pinstripe suit, detail of hand-finishing at Liverano

Rony Cadavid

Reach is not the only new development to come from Liverano & Liverano since the beginning of the pandemic. After having temporarily to close its Florence atelier and halt its trunk shows, the tailor focused on building its new made-to-measure program, which it hopes to debut at the January 2021 edition of Pitti Uomo. It is also working on a way to offer virtual appointments for its MTM and ready-to-wear programs early next year. The bespoke program is getting a virtual trial too, but it’s by no means a sure thing.

“We are looking at new technologies to facilitate virtual appointments for bespoke, but we will only launch that product once we are 100 percent convinced in its efficacy and ability to facilitate the level of craftsmanship that we hold ourselves to,” Pollak says.

This year has proven to be one of change for a tailoring house that has occupied the same storefront for more than half a century. Such changes may alter how Liverano & Liverano sells to and connects with its clients, but the purpose of its existence remains unchanged.

“We are tailors, but more than that, we are Italian, Florentine and handmade tailors,” Pollak says. “We will always strive to keep doing our work. This is the main goal. Covid has not changed this—we were, are and always will do our best to continue our passion.”

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