Lotus Is Driven by Style

British automotive marque Lotus revved up London’s fashion week in February with the debut of Lotus Originals, a casual collection comprising men’s clothing and accessories. By stitching together the brand’s automotive pedigree with high style, Lotus hopes the new collection will appeal to all consumers, not just car enthusiasts.

At the heart of the collection is the Originals line, offering basic caps, jackets, cashmere knitwear, and Lotus-branded T-shirts. The retro-styled Heritage line is infused with track-inspired elements like vintage patches and racing stripes on a $1,425 worn-leather racing jacket. The cutting-edge Performance line, however, takes its cues from the sleek, forward-driven engineering that marks Lotus’s automobiles, with a range of seamless jackets and shirts beginning at about $160.  Additionally, the brand has Lotus-emblazoned accessories and gifts such as leather luggage, belts, cuff links, ties, writing instruments, and even a $1,540 backgammon set.

The introduction of Lotus Originals heralds an intriguing shift for the 59-year-old automotive company as it retunes itself as a lifestyle brand. Currently offered exclusively through the brand’s web site, a Lotus Originals flagship store is set to open in London by the end of the year. (www.lotusoriginals.com)

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