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Louis Vuitton Will Now Bring a Truckload of Its Merchandise Right to Your Doorstep

Luxury shopping made radically easy.

Louis Vuitton's LV By Appointment trailer in Malibu, California Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com

If you like Louis Vuitton but haven’t been able to get to your favorite boutique because of a certain pandemic, fret not. Now the brand will bring a literal truckload of its merchandise straight to your doorstep.

The French fashion house is offering a service called LV By Appointment to shoppers in California for the next few months. The plan is to dispatch mobile boutiques—in the form of sleek, futuristic trailers—to Los Angeles-area clients from now until mid-March, then to Orange County residents from mid-March until the end of April. If you’re an existing Louis Vuitton customer in the area, you can call your local store to set up an appointment. Then, the team will fill the vehicle with a selection of goods tailored to your personal preferences. (If you’ve never shopped at a Louis Vuitton boutique before and don’t have sizes and favorite products on file, you can still contact your local store to get the process rolling.)

Louis Vuitton's LV by Appointment Trailer

LV By Appointment in Malibu, California.  Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com

When your appointment date rolls around, the store will haul the whole kit and caboodle straight to your home, complete with a helpful sales associate, so you can simply step outside to shop. Each personalized selection will include items from Louis Vuitton’s broad product categories, including clothing and accessories, fragrances, watches and jewelry as well as leather goods and travel items. There’ll also be a handful of pieces from new collections and some rare items thrown in for good measure. There’s no limit on how long your shopping spree will last, but because each selection is so highly curated, you may not need to spend as much time searching through the racks as you might in a more, let’s say, grounded retail environment.

Louis Vuitton's LV By Appointment

The interior of Louis Vuitton’s LV By Appointment truck.  Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com


LV By Appointment got its start in the New York area in late 2020, only allowing three people to occupy the trailer at a time, and requiring everyone involved to wear masks for the duration of their visit. The trailer is specially ventilated to keep the air clean and, weather permitting, the sales associates keep the doors open to promote even better circulation.

That the service is heading West signals that it’s not just Manhattanites and well-to-do New Jersey residents who miss the comfort of the luxury shopping experience. And while there aren’t currently any plans for where the trailer will head next, the fact that it’s a mobile service suggests there’s potential to do so.

Louis Vuitton's LV By Appointment

LV By Appointment will offer everything from clothes and shoes to leather goods.  Owen Kolasinski/BFA.com

This might even be a glimpse at the post-pandemic future of luxury retail. It’s easy to see the appeal of getting a miniature version of your favorite store or high-end experience delivered right to your house (see: Ivy Park’s infamous driveway deliveries or Ciroc Vodka’s mobile bartenders.) With or without the virus, what could make shopping easier?

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