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Bijan’s New Boutique Brings Its Unabashed Flair to Las Vegas

Need a silk smoking jacket tailored in time for dinner? The Beverly Hills icon has you covered.

In a city that puts so much at your fingertips—from fine dining at outposts of Michelin-starred restaurants and free-flowing cocktails at larger-than-life hotels—it’s surprising that Las Vegas’s lineup of high-roller-ready evening-wear outposts is sparse. Sure, you can cash in your windfall on monogrammed leather goods at Louis Vuitton or on bold separates at Gucci, but looking for a smoking jacket that can be tailored in time for dinner? You may just be out of luck. This is changing, however, and with this month’s opening of House of Bijan’s newest outpost, the roulette table has gotten significantly more stylish.

Now helmed by Nicolas Bijan Pakzad, the 26-year-old son of the house’s charismatic founder, the Rodeo Drive icon has settled in at the Wynn, just an elevator ride away from the gleaming hotel’s top-of-the-line villas. “So many of our clients stopped into the Rodeo Drive store either on their way to or coming back from Las Vegas,” explains Pakzad, “so when [Steve Wynn] asked me to open an outpost here, it felt right.” And to many of the brand’s loyal clients (former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama included), the gleaming marble-clad store feels right. There is the familiar dramatic fragrance-bottle chandelier; the color-coordinated, jewel-box-style displays of sumptuous Kangaroo leather blazers, silk evening jackets, and ornately patterned ties; and the lush, heady bouquets of fresh flowers restocked daily. “We had to fly in our florist from Beverly Hills to teach the team here at the Wynn to get these just right,” he laughs.

Nicolas Bijan

Nicolas Bijan at his Beverly Hills Flagship Boutique  Photo: Courtesy Robb Rice


However, there is one major difference (besides the conspicuous absence of the brand’s signature yellow Bugatti): The Las Vegas outpost is the first of the brand’s boutiques to be open to the general public. Curious shoppers drawn in by the signature Bijan-yellow awnings are free to thumb through the silk knit polo shits, admire the Bijan-branded backgammon set, and work with one of the three full-time tailors to whip up the custom suit of their dreams. “We were initially wary of having the shop door open,” says Pakzad, “but the space is designed really to only accommodate one or two clients at a time. It is still very intimate, but we are able to reach a wider section of our demographic.”

Losing Rodeo Drive’s proudly held appointment-only designation doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand is angling to be more accessible. The collection features the same breed of limited-edition, sumptuously made pieces ranging from rich suede smoking slippers (all outfitted with a discreet “B” nailed into the soles) and brocade tuxedo jackets to luxe crocodile leather luggage—this time all designed with Las Vegas in mind. There are playful pieces like fluid leather jackets that feature hand-painted graphic tigers on the back, saturated yellow and red blazers, and sleek belts that come in a rainbow of colors and textures all meant to make a statement on the casino floor or at a black-tie ball. If something off the rack doesn’t fit quite right, it can be tailored and sent to your room in time for your dinner reservation—and, of course, everything can be completely custom made.

Though the store has officially been open for just three short weeks, Pakzad has been floored by the feedback. “I think we’ve made some new customers for life already,” he says. And then he adds with a smile, “or at least I’d like to hope so.”

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