Mr Porter Has Shut Down Its American Warehouse

The menswear mecca has suspended orders as a result of Covid-19—but you can still read The Journal and place orders for future delivery.

The homepage of MrPorter.com Shutterstock / Sharaf Maksumov

Avid online shoppers may have noticed that something was up with Mr Porter earlier this week. Rather than the usual homepage touting the latest arrivals, a visit to the menswear mecca’s homepage produced an error message that read simply, “We’ll be back soon. We’re making some temporary changes to the site.” Like me, you may have assumed it was just a technical glitch. The recent surge in internet usage, as a result of hundreds of thousands of people self-isolating at home, has caused no shortage of IT issues. But when the issue hadn’t been resolved by Wednesday, it appeared that something more troubling was afoot.

On Thursday, we got an answer. In place of the previous error message was an announcement: “In line with local government guidelines, and for the health and safety of our community, we have temporarily closed our warehouse.” While undoubtedly a sound, responsible choice for the employees of Mr Porter’s fulfillment center, it was disheartening news for those of us that have been taking comfort in the pleasures of retail therapy. Covid-19 has upended so much of our lives; shopping online at Mr. Porter was one of the few activities that remained essentially unchanged.

Fret not—today brought some better news. In an email to customers elaborating on the situation, the company (which also owns Yoox and Net-a-Porter, e-commerce sites that have also suspended order fulfillment) explained that while the warehouse may be closed, the site is still very much up and running. The Mr. Porter team will continue to produce editorial stories and, most importantly, you can still browse the site’s full range of offerings and place orders. The checkout process is the same as usual but orders won’t ship until the warehouse reopens, which the company says will be in the near future. In case you bought anything from the site recently, the return policy has been extended to 60 days.

So, after a brief scare, Mr. Porter still has you—and your closet—covered. Delayed gratification isn’t so bad, really; at least you’ll have something to look forward to once Covid-19 has passed. Until then, happy shopping.


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