The Netflix of Fine Shoe Repair

Cobbler Concierge lets owners of dilapidated footwear easily mail in the shoes for repair…

The new Cobbler Concierge service makes it almost as easy to have fine shoes repaired and restored as Netflix makes it to send and receive movies. Customers ship their damaged or worn-out shoes to a warehouse in Queens, N.Y., where skilled cobblers repair, re-sole, color, polish, and recondition them to make them look like new. The service provides customers with online booking, prepaid packaging to ship the shoes, personalized customer service, and home delivery—all for $80 per pair for men’s shoes. (Women’s shoes are $40; the company also repairs handbags.)

Cobbler Concierge is not just any shoe-repair service; one of the founders is Joe Rocco, whose family started Jim’s Shoe Repair in 1932 in New York City and operates it to this day. As one of the best-known cobblers in the Big Apple, Rocco employs tried-and-true practices for restoring fine shoes and has access to some of the world’s most skilled cobblers. The company even goes so far as to document the repair process with before-and-after photographs. As of yet, the company does not offer movies of the repair process. (cobblerconcierge.com)

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