One of Italy’s Most Fashionable Men on What to Collect and Where to Find Inspiration

Guglielmo Miani, heir to Larusmiani--one of Milan’s chicest stores—spills his tips for leading a stylish life.

Guglielmo Mian portrait Photo: Courtesy Mark Mann

A much-admired habitué of Milan’s social and business circles, the dashing Guglielmo Miani shaped his personal sartorial style at his family’s elegant Larusmiani men’s store on Via Montenapoleone. Although the 41-year-old has dedicated himself to directing the international expansion of the business his grandfather established in 1922, he still reserves time in his busy schedule to indulge his passions for automobiles, watches, art, and design. These impassioned pursuits, however, are informed by a discerning eye for detail and a well-developed philosophy of collecting.

The Thrill of the Hunt

I collect for the pleasure of finding unique things that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, I always choose difficult things to find, and the hunt itself is an important and exhilarating part of collecting.


Chasing Cars from the 1990s

I only collect cars from the ’90s because that period was the last time some models were still completely made by hand. My favorite car right now is the last one I purchased: the Bentley RT Mulliner from 1998. It has some unique features, like a bar with crystal glasses, and a backseat speedometer which allows you to check your driver’s speed. On top of being aesthetically beautiful and entirely handmade, it is the most powerful Bentley built in those years. I own [more than] 10 cars, and they are Italian, British, and
German brands.

1998 Bentley RT Mulliner

Bentley automobile  Photo: Courtesy Mark Mann

From Wheels to Watches

Watches are just like cars—the perfect combination of function and form. I collect vintage Rolex and Patek Philippe, as well as chronographs from Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Zenith, and Breitling. My favorite timepiece is a custom black Patek Philippe Nautilus made by George Bamford that has its original dial. It’s so elegant and understated that only a very savvy collector can identify it when I wear it. I buy from different dealers—mostly Italian—and I use the website chrono24.com.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe watch  Photo: Courtesy Mark Mann

Scouting Grounds

I generally buy things through 1stdibs or a few antiques stores in Milan and Paris. In Milan, I go to L’Oro dei Farlocchi and Fragile. I also go to [Alessandro] Stefanini in Reggio Emilia and Porto Cervo; he is truly a genius in finding unique objects.

The Motorcycle as Furniture

This was my father’s motorcycle. When I was born, my mother ordered him to sell it, but instead he hid it in the company warehouse, and I discovered it a few years ago. I had it restored, and it was too beautiful to use, so I decided to bring it into the living room.

Guglielmo Miani

Guglielmo Miani  Photo: Courtesy

Places to Dream

I love the sea, and that is where I get inspired—at anchor in a bay only in contact with nature, and possibly a few good friends. I also love the Architecture Biennale of Venice. Just like the city of Venice, it is so inspiring.

Black Tie Required

Every man should have a handmade tuxedo, because there is always a need for a tuxedo. Mine is Larusmiani, of course. I like to wear a tuxedo with our handmade velvet friulane slippers or sneakers for a contemporary image.

Larusmiani tuxedo

Tuxedo  Photo: Courtesy Mark Mann

Renewing the Old World

I was a loyal G. Lorenzi client, and seeing the business close was very sad. Mr. Aldo Lorenzi sold me his remaining stock and connected me with his craftsmen, and we continue to make hand-carved knives and accessories and sell them in our store. I collect knives, and if nobody keeps handcrafting these articles, the craft will die. I love the way Mr. Lorenzi created objects that were deeply studied, such as the pendant I purchased that is a replica of one worn by priests in the Middle Ages with a concealed weapon for self-​defense. It’s handmade in silver with a Damascus blade.

Handmade G. Lorenzi accessories

G. Lorenzi accessories  Photo: Courtesy Mark Mann

Living Spaces

I have always been fascinated by architecture. My home is continuously changing as I’m adding objects and altering the rooms. I recently refurbished one of the guest rooms, which I call the War Room. It has antique models of World War II vessels, and the walls are covered in a custom Larusmiani camouflage-print cotton fabric. I have an Angelo Mangiarotti brass-and-wood table from the ’60s that I found at an auction in Italy, and another favorite piece is an abstract sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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