Advanced Fabric Meets Modern Shirting in New Release From Outlier

Cut from washable and travel-friendly Merino broadcoth, this may be your new favorite travel shirt.

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Brooklyn-based Outlier focuses on bringing high-tech fabrics to menswear staples, and its latest creation is just that: a dress shirt made of Merino wool broadcloth. While regular Merino wool being used for a shirt is nothing out of the ordinary, having it woven into a fine cloth is something different altogether, and it took a fair bit of time for this project to come to fruition.

Founded in 2008, Outlier isn’t new to using unorthodox fabrics, but starting in 2010 the company’s founders—Tyler Clemens and Abe Burmeister—began their hunt for a mill that could apply traditional weaving technique the wrinkle and odor-resistant Merino wool. Albini, with over 140 years in the business and a master of shirting fabrics, was the perfect candidate for Outlier’s unique request. Outlier connected the Italian fabrics firm with its preferred wool supplier, and the rest is now history.

Outlier Albini Shirt


Outlier is offering three shirting variants in its new fabrics: a y-front ($275), a traditional button-up ($265), and a button-up with a hidden placket and slash front pocket ($265). Taking a closer look at the latter in the Robb Report office, we recognized that the brand has paid a great deal of attention to not only the fabric but also the cut and finish of the shirts themselves. We always err on the side of caution when it comes to Internet-borne brands; however, Outlier has clearly done its homework. With this significant partnership under Outlier’s belt, we’ll be watching closely to see what the Brooklyn duo cooks up next.

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