Prada’s Stylish Driving Shoes Provide Comfort During Long Drives

A team of artisans painstakingly construct the shoes in a process with 200 steps…

Available in 15 color variations, the signature Prada Driving Shoe is the perfect complement to a long, summertime drive. Playful yet practical, the hand-stitched shoes are available in Saffiano leather, crocodile, and ostrich. The ergonomic loafers feature moccasin toes, leather insoles and lining, and rubber outsoles. Skilled artisans in Montegranaro, Italy, follow a time-intensive, 200-step process to complete the shoes, sewing over 100 stitches by hand. The shoes range from $650 to $2,900, depending on the type of material used. (prada.com)

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