The New Ultimate Performance Pants

A renowned automotive designer collaborates with luxury pant maker to create the best performance trousers.

PT Pantaloni Photo: Courtesy Mauro Ujetto

The new must-have trousers are designed to keep you cool in heat, warm in the cold, are wrinkle-resistant, and dry in 10 minutes. If you don’t believe it, the Kinetic by PT Pantaloni Torino pants ($395) are now available at Barney’s and several other specialty stores. The pants are the result of a creative collaboration between renowned automotive designer Fabrizio Giugiaro and the Italian brand PT Pantaloni Torino, which specializes in making high-end trousers.

Giugiaro wanted to develop versatile trousers that deliver the kind performance active men need today, but he also wanted them to be stylish and comfortable. The new pants—available in three models and various colors—deliver on all fronts. They are made of a kinetic high-performance breathable, stretch fabric using technology that has not yet been used in formal clothing. The adaptable styles are designed for both casual wear and the office.


PT Pantaloni pants

PT Pantaloni Torino pants  Photo: Courtesy PT Pantaloni Torino

“We have created a product which protects the wearer from the heat and cold, made with a breathable fabric that never loses its shape and can hang-dry in just 10 minutes,” attests Edoardo Fassino, CEO of PT Pantaloni Torino, which is known for making exceptionally comfortable trousers. His company has already partnered with Giugiaro on car upholstery for the Supercar Techrules (presented at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017). Now they have taken their collaboration from the car to the office.

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