Pure Sole

Following in the footsteps of Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo, Rickard Shah has, over the past decade, slowly attracted an A-list Hollywood clientele for its sexy stilettos. Now the Italian footwear brand, owned by U.K-born Elizabeth Rickard and her American husband, Binith Shah, has launched a comfort-shoe division for men. Unlike the signature collection, Rickard Shah Pure, the new line of boat shoes, driver moccasins and sandals, is constructed entirely from sustainable materials. In addition to uppers made of naturally tanned pigment-dyed leathers and soles rendered from 100 percent tree rubber, the shoes are fabricated using only water-based glues. Moreover, the footwear’s proprietary rubber sole is an interchangeable hybrid. “So it’s the same sole on all our shoes even though the uppers look completely different,” says Shah, noting how the shoes, starting at $400, come packaged in boxes made from recycled paper. Even the delivery process from production to point of sale is green: The shoes are shipped via boat, which leaves a smaller carbon footprint than shipping by plane. (646.843.9914, www.rickardshah.com)

—William Kissel

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