Ralph Lauren Unveils Team USA’s Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Uniforms

From outerwear to boots, each item is made in the US with recycled polyester fiber from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Winter is coming, and Ralph Lauren will have Team USA fitted with state-of-the-art attire. For the 2022 Winter Olympics, Ralph Lauren created the Opening Ceremony parade uniform, which was unveiled today.

The look includes an anorak, featuring Intelligent Insulation technology, a mid-layer jacket, pant, gloves and boots—all including recycled polyester fiber made with post-consumer plastic bottles. Each item in the uniform is manufactured in the United States.

The boots are offered in red and white colorways. The rest of the uniform is available in red, white and blue as well.

Ralph Lauren Winter Olympics 2022 boot in white.  Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren partnered with textile innovation company, Skyscrape, to bring the technology to market that brings sustainability to the forefront. With the Intelligent Insulation, the fabric adapts to changes in air temperature around the wearer without the use of battery-powered or “wired” technology. Instead, it expands creating a layer of insulation at different rates in response to temperature changes.

Ralph Lauren Winter Olympics 2022 boot in red.  Ralph Lauren

The goal with the tech is to extend the the lifespan and use of a garment that might otherwise be appropriate for only a short, seasonal time-period.

In addition, Ralph Lauren will debut a virtual reality content series that spotlights six Team USA athletes. Customers will be able to explore the technology through a headset or via an immersive in-store installation in select Ralph Lauren retail store locations.

The look includes an anorak, featuring Intelligent Insulation technology.  Sebastian Kim

The Opening Ceremony Parade Uniform will be available for purchase online at Ralphlauren.com and in select Ralph Lauren retail stores beginning today.

The 2022 Olympic Games are scheduled for Feb. 4 through Feb. 20. The Opening Ceremony will take place Feb. 4 at Beijing National Stadium, which will also be the site of the Closing Ceremony. Ralph Lauren revealed chic navy-blue designs for Team USA to wear during the closing ceremony event in October, featuring men’s fleece pant, women’s fleece legging, gloves and boots made with recycled polyester, along with an intarsia turtleneck sweater (adorned with an American flag and the Olympic rings in white) and a hat made from Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified US-grown wool.

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