Robb Report’s 21 Ultimate Gifts: Oxxford’s Tenfold Suit Wardrobe

Chicago suitmaker Oxxford Clothes, which has earned an impeccable reputation among the world’s finest textile mills, is joining forces with those mills to offer 10 Robb Report readers the opportunity to create their own unique suit wardrobes using fabrics produced exclusively for them. You will select 10 weaves from more than 100 patterns and cloth varieties, including Super 150 wool from Charles Clayton, Exceptional 200 wool from Scabal, and Super 210 wool from Moxon Huddersfield. To ensure the exclusivity of the fabric, your name—instead of the suitmaker’s—will be woven directly into the selvage, the strip at the edge of the cloth that identifies the mill. Neither Oxxford nor any of these mills has ever made such an offer before, and each gift will include a framed selvage cutting as a keepsake.

Oxxford will use these customized fabrics to create the ultimate businessman’s wardrobe, consisting of 10 custom-made suits that feature signature Oxxford details such as pockets reinforced with Belgian linen stays, individually made shoulder pads, and quarter-lined bellows-constructed pockets that expand on the inside to avoid distorting the front of the jacket.

Accompanying the suits will be 10 handmade Oxxford dress shirts and 10 sevenfold woven silk neckties, from your choice of nearly 50 patterns. Once you have selected your personal silk and cotton fabrics, Oxxford will order the cloth and present it to the company’s artisan seamstresses, who will custom cut and sew each shirt and tie to your frame. Completing the wardrobe will be a vicuña topcoat and a vicuña sport coat, the first such items made in America since the rare animal was removed from the endangered species list.

Price: starting at $300,000 (price will vary depending on the fabrics selected). Contact: Oxxford Clothes, 312.829.3600, www.oxxfordclothes.com

Oxxford is offering this gift to no more than 10 readers.

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