Sartorial Socks

The new remarkably soft and plush socks from the shoemaker Harrys of London are made of a rare, superfine material (13-micron diameter) known as Cervelt, which is woven from the down of New Zealand red deer. In addition to providing a soft feel, the limited-edition socks ($1,460 per pair) are especially strong and resilient and retain their warmth thanks to the natural curled shape of the fiber. Upon the discovery of the down’s thermal and wicking properties, the New Zealand company Douglas Creek spent eight years developing Cervelt. Only 20 grams can be collected from a single deer each season. Each pair of socks is produced in a 65-year-old family-run Italian factory and is hand sewn at the toe. (212.909.4336, www.harrysoflondon.com)

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