Groom Yourself with Products Made Especially for You

Made-to-measure isn't confined just to your closet; enjoy an entire bespoke grooming regimen in the bathroom, too.

No doubt, you take pride in tailoring almost every aspect of your life to fit your exacting tastes—from undertaking a years-long ultimate upgrade to your favorite Ferrari to forgoing the whisky everyone has in their liquor cabinets for one custom blended alongside a master. So why shouldn’t you be doing the same in the bathroom?

The following six products (shown in the gallery above Cambria quartz surfaces) can all be tailor-made to fit your skin, hair, and style to your exacting specifications. And beyond spending a bit of extra time upfront to consult with a doctor on the exact formula of ingredients needed to boost your skin or keep your teeth squeaky clean, each is just as easy to use as that can of Old Spice you’ve been repurchasing since you were a teenager.


Allél’s Swiss-made skin-care routine starts with a cheek swab, which is then sent for DNA testing (hence the name, which is a play on the word “allele,” meaning a variant form of a gene). The company, founded by two Swedish doctors, scans the results for 16 particular genetic markers, each of which is involved in one of five skin-aging factors—think collagen depletion or pigmentation. Consultants then analyze a client’s current skin condition and use both sets of data to create a regimen that encompasses skin-care products and nutritional supplements. The entire process (priced at $1,906 for the evaluation and a comprehensive three-month program) is doctor-supervised and currently available only at high-end clinics in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Dubai—but is set to launch in the U.S. in 2019.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian is top choice for those in the nose, whether via his namesake line or the blockbuster scents he’s developed, like Gaultier Le Male. For almost 25 years, though, the charming French perfumer has offered the olfactory equivalent of haute couture to a select handful of clients, including Elton John and Catherine Deneuve. It begins with a personal consult with Kurkdjian himself: He leads a client through a smelling session, discussing his or her favorites. He then retires to his atelier, working to develop five custom scents as a short list. Clients must wear each for at least a week, taking notes on their likes and dislikes. From there, Kurkdjian devises the unique final fragrance ($30,000, refills start at $500).



Toothpaste by Bespoke Oral Care Advantage (BOCA) aims to address the distinct oral problems each customer might face—the composition of bacteria in every mouth, for example, is unique. To develop the custom formula, Toby Talbot, the clinical director of BOCA, will visit the client at his or her home, workplace, or dentist’s office to conduct a consultation and review medical/dental histories, which might include susceptibility to recurrent oral ulcers, decay, and dry mouth. The results form the basis for a recipe that will address those exact needs in a peroxide-free toothpaste mostly powered by active botanicals that include chamomile, valerian propolis (a honey derivative), and ginseng.

Flavor, too, is bespoke: Dozens are available, from dragon fruit to Szechuan pepper, and can be mixed to form pleasing combos. Each client will receive three tubes based on that initial consult, with formulas for morning and nighttime ($4,575 for the initial consultation and four-month supply. Each additional two-month supply is $172–$206). After trying all three, BOCA then follows up with a phone call to gain the clients’ feedback and to see if the formulas need adjusting.

SkinCeuticals D.O.S.E

This just-launched service by SkinCeuticals is available only via doctors’ offices in the U.S. It centers on a vending-machine-like gadget that mixes a custom anti-aging serum. This is blended so its ingredients, such as lab-grade retinol, directly address the specific concerns of each client, be it wrinkles or discoloration. To discern those needs, a physician (or assistant) first examines customers and then completes a survey, answering questions about the client’s skin-care routine, skin type, and anti-aging issues. These are then input to the D.O.S.E dispenser via a tablet-based app. Five minutes later, the unique serum emerges in a bottle marked with a product code containing the formula for easy reordering ($195).

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty, an NYC-based start-up, offers sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners blended to order at its Pennsylvania facility (from $36). Customers simply complete an online questionnaire regarding hair type (such as coarse or fine), hair-care goals (root nourishing, perhaps, or oil control), and preferred color and fragrance, including peppermint-eucalyptus or peony. You can even pick the strength of the scent. A proprietary algorithm then creates a custom blend, which is packaged in a personalized bottle. A subscription service will send refills on a schedule according to a customer’s hair length and how frequently his or her hair is washed.

Wolf Whiskers

Navy veteran Peter Wolf lathe-turns the handles of every shaving brush he sells under his Wolf Whiskers brand. Alongside around two dozen standard handle shapes, Wolf also accepts commissions (from $75). He suggests browsing his standard inventory and selecting a few examples to provide inspiration. “If someone were to tell me the knot they want, some colors they like—and don’t—and the typical shapes they prefer, that is enough for me to have some directed creativity,” he tells Robb Report. Be prepared to join a waiting list, though; the solo artisan can produce just 40 such brushes each month.

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