Style: Best Foot Forward

Fine footwear requires care.

· Never wear shoes two days in a row, because they become moist from perspiration. Let them dry for at least 24 hours between wearings. 

· Never dry wet shoes next to a heater or fire; doing so will shrink and harden the leather. Instead, stuff the shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry in ambient room temperature. 

· Always use shoe trees made of cedar, which absorbs moisture.  

· Using a shoehorn prolongs the life of your shoes. Forcing your foot into a pair of shoes can break the heel counter, causing the back lining to break down prematurely. 

· When shoes begin to appear worn, use clear, natural shoe cream instead of colored. 

· When polishing, apply heat with a hair dryer to open up the pores of the leather for greater absorption. 

· A combination of shoe cream and polish is preferred. Shoe cream is absorbed deep into the grain of the leather and helps restore it, while polish produces a higher gloss. 

· Use fine sandpaper to remove scratches on white bucks, and touch them up with a buck bag, a small pouch of white powder you can tap onto the shoes.



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