Streetwear Primer: How to Style the Year’s Biggest Menswear Trend

Designers like Balenciaga, Neil Barret, and Stella McCartney reimagine streetwear’s edgy aesthetic though a decidedly luxurious lens.

Streetwear Men's Fashion Photo: Courtesy

The last decade has seen an unbuttoning of menswear, with casual attire like jeans and sneakers becoming more acceptable in boardrooms and a more playful approach to everyday outfits becoming the norm. And while the ultra-relaxed uniforms of Silicon Valley giants have certainly played a role in this style shift, the rise of hip-hop-inspired streetwear has been equally influential.

The aesthetic—which takes queues from punk rock, hip-hop, and skate culture—first became popular thanks to rappers and style icons like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Today, brands like Supreme have brought the typically countercultural style into the mainstream. And luxury houses like Louis Vuittonwhose recent collaboration with Supreme sold out almost immediately—have taken note. While incorporating streetwear’s uniform of oversize hoodies, bold logos, and tongue-in-cheek branding is not an option for those with a traditional office job, the latest collections from designers like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, and Neil Barrett prove that streetwear-inspired pieces can work seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.

To dip your toes into the trend, try a sporty suit from U.K.-based brand Neil Barrett. Though this style ($2,430) borrows its slightly exaggerated proportions and athletics-inspired details from streetwear, the use of traditional pinstripes keeps it office-appropriate. Balenciaga’s subversive take on workwear also nods to the aesthetic in an office-friendly way, with oversize sweatshirts ($1,250) taking the place of classically cut sweaters and chunky sneakers stepping in for conservative lace-ups (similar styles available, $695).

For her second foray into menswear, Stella McCartney took a tailored approach to streetwear, fusing the punk-rock elements of the trend with slim-fitting, mod-inspired cuts. The resulting slightly exaggerated tweed bomber jacket ($2,025), ultra-chunky sweater ($835), and rock-and-roll brogues ($835) are a super-cool take on your go-to pieces.


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