This Suit Is So Comfortable You Can Perform Gymnastics While Wearing It

Paul Smith’s new suits are remarkably resilient, stretchy, and breathable…

In the perfect combination of power and grace, the British gymnast Max Whitlock effortlessly rotates around the pommel horse in a sequence of masterful maneuvers. It is no surprise that the 22-year-old athlete—who nabbed the bronze medal for his pommel horse routine at the 2012 Olympics—executes the exercise flawlessly. But there is one unusual detail: Whitlock completes the entire routine in a two-piece suit, with his performance documented in a short video celebrating the unmatched flexibility and comfort of the new Paul Smith A Suit to Travel In collection.

Released in September, the $1,530 suits are fashioned in Italy from high-twist, 100-percent worsted wool (an extremely strong and durable wool that naturally wicks away moisture and is more wrinkle-resistant than other fabrics) and are lined with Cupro (a lightweight silk-substitute that breathes easily). Available in black, dark gray, and navy, the suits also are made with a classic horsehair canvas—a traditional layer beneath the wool fabric shell that molds to the shape of the wearer’s body, resulting in a perfectly tailored look. As well as featuring flattering horn buttons and flap pockets, the stylish suits are crease-resistant and water-repellent, making them ideal for long flights or a morning commute, coffee in hand.

To launch the collection, Paul Smith will host a series of fun marketing performances with stops in Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow, and London. At each event, talented contortionists from London’s National Centre for Circus Arts will demonstrate how the suits hold up under even the most outlandish of circumstances. (paulsmith.co.uk)

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