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The Best of the Best 2003: Wardrobe – Modern Marvels

Sportswear: Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna owns one of the world’s finest textile mills, giving the Italian sportswear maker the luxury of fabric exclusivity and experimentation. Innovative fabrics, such as wools woven like denim and knits designed to look like vintage corduroy, are combined with a sharp eye for sophisticated styling in Zegna’s Soft collection, which is texturally rich and consistently current. Ermenegildo Zegna, 888.880. 3462, www.zegna.com


Small Leather Goods: Martin Dingman

Martin Dingman dabbles in the exotic—from Egyptian Nile River crocodile and full quill ostrich to American deerskin and Asian antelope chamois. But the unexpected flourishes—such as solid 18-karat gold and interchangeable dual buckles on handcrafted belts, and briefcases that convert to overnight bags—give this Arkan sas designer his creative edge.

Martin Dingman, 800.955.2358, www.martindingman.com

Knitwear: Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli’s forte is making luxurious knitwear that does not appear too precious. T-shirts, zip-neck pullovers, and hooded sweatshirts in lightweight cashmere, flannel, and velvety cotton combine the elegance of dressy sportswear with the comfort of sport. Brunello Cucinelli, 212.750.2990, www.brunellocucinelli.it

Hosiery: Ovadafût


Produced in two of the oldest and finest hosiery factories in France and Italy, designer Vivek Nagrani’s fancifully patterned socks are wearable works of art. In fact, one design, Le Puzzle, was recently featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Ovadafût, 646.792. 2595, www.ovadafut.com

Cuff Links: Catherine M. Zadeh

Catherine Zadeh understands that luxury sometimes calls for a soft touch. Her simple handmade sterling silver, 14- and 18-karat gold links, often studded with precious stones, are satin-finished, a polishing process requiring extra labor and artistry. Catherine M. Zadeh, 212.274.9984, www.catherinezadeh.com

Eyewear: Christian Roth for CXD/Charmant Group

Christian Roth and partner Eric Domege’s “retro future” design

philosophy compels the duo to experiment continuously. Their lightweight titanium wraparounds seem to float on air, and they elevate zyl (plastic) frames with new laser-cut techniques that give the illusion of braided leather. Christian Roth for CXD/Charmant Group, 877.293.4440, www.charmant.com

Dress Shirts: Lorenzini, 212.702. 0136; Leathers: Seraphin, +33. 1.4239.0900; Neckwear and Pocket Squares: Robert Talbott, 800.747.8778; Outerwear: Allegri, 212.750.2990; Pants: Luigi Borrelli, 212.644.9610; Shoes: Silvano Lattanzi, 212.734.2962; Suits: Gianluca Isaia, 888. 996.7555

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