Thomas Pink Checks in to Spring

An eye-catching collection of bright gingham checks launches Spring/Summer 2014 at Thomas Pink. An advertising image from the 1980s inspired the design team to take the humble gingham check and play with scale and colour to bring it up to date.

The original artwork for the 1980s advertising campaign featured a bold red gingham shirt, and that was the starting point for a color palette that embraces both bright primaries and zingy pastels.

Frederik Willems, Head of Design at Thomas Pink, said: “Gingham is a natural choice for shirting and we worked hard to create a scale of check which looked modern and allowed the colours to sing out. We put a lot of emphasis on fabric quality and partnered with an Italian mill to create a a beautiful base for the gingham on a Royal Oxford.”


The collection will be launched in stores from January 2014.

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