Threads of State

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With all eyes on Washington, D.C., these days, the man of international affairs must cultivate a variety of impeccably tailored looks to fit any situation, whether he is lobbying for change on Capitol Hill, negotiating trade agreements on Embassy Row, or engaging in diplomatic relations of another kind in a suite at the legendary Hay-Adams hotel on Lafayette Square.

Photo 1. On him: Gianfranco Ferré double-breasted wool jacket, $2,800, wool pants, $715, and wool shirt, $515; Torino black Nile crocodile belt with brushed-nickel buckle, $495. opposite page, on him: Borrelli three-button, single-breasted suit, $3,950, striped cotton shirt, $640, flecked tie, $195, and pocket square, $75; Cartier Ballon Bleu leather-strap watch, $17,300. On her: Gianfranco Ferré wool bolero, $2,120, and cotton shirt, $1,425; Stella McCartney flat-front, wide-leg pants, $1,595; Tiny Jewel Box spinel-and-antique-kashira necklace, $27,500; Gurhan earrings, $1,960; Yossi Harari bracelets, from $1,725.


Photo 2. On him: Kiton double-breasted cashmere suit, $9,375, cotton dress shirt, $825, patterned silk tie, $250, and white pocket square, $175. On her: Ralph Lauren Black Label Caden top, $555, and Black Label Caden Kellyn skirt, $698; Emporio Armani pony-skin peep-toe shoes, $650; Paul Morelli diamond-and-pearl earrings, $10,060; Jack Kelége diamond-and-platinum ring, $15,900; A. Link diamond-and-platinum necklace worn as a bracelet, $36,000.


Photo 3. On him: Tom Ford Onda black moiré grosgrain cocktail jacket, $4,050, white voile evening shirt with plissé plastron, $1,360, and black velvet bow tie, $190; Ermenegildo Zegna Couture white cotton pocket square, $120; Dunhill Sidecar red resin cuff links, $235. On her: Hermès viscose jersey dress, $4,975; Kwiat diamond-and-platinum earrings, $91,100, and necklace, $132,300.

Photo 4. On him: Ralph Lauren Purple Label single-breasted Chesterfield Notch topcoat with velvet collar, $5,995, single-breasted, three-piece Drake suit with Madison pant, $4,995, Keaton striped French shirt, $395, and silk tie, $165; Louis Vuitton leather boots, $795. On her: Stella McCartney double-breasted wool jacket, $675 Louis Vuitton wool halter T-shirt with jewel neckline, $3,265, and wool skirt, $955; Salvatore Ferragamo gray python handbag, $3,150; Stuart Weitzman snakeskin peep-toe shoes, $525; Kwiat diamond-and-platinum earrings, $9,020.

Photo 5. On him: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture double-breasted, two-button cashmere overcoat, $5,995, single-breasted, three-button plaid suit, $2,495, dress shirt, $265, silk tie, $160, and calfskin belt, $495; Fratelli Rossetti lace-up oxford shoes, $590; Ebel chronograph watch, $6,950.

Photo 6. On him: Burberry single-breasted, three-button grosgrain suit, $1,295, and textured cotton shirt, $225; Dunhill striped tie, $130; Massimo Bizzocchi hand-rolled silk pocket square, $90. Turban and glasses: model’s own. above center, on him: Belvest single-breasted, two-button striped cashmere-and-chinchilla suit, $7,815, cotton shirt, $345, and silk tie, $165; Massimo Bizzocchi hand-rolled silk pocket square, $90; Torino vintage American alligator belt with silver-finish buckle, $495. On her: Stella McCartney single-breasted, pin-striped jacket, $1,895, matching pant, $595, and cotton peasant blouse, $795.

Photo 7. On him: Stefano Ricci single-breasted, two-button suit, striped shirt, silk tie, and pocket square, prices available upon request. On her: Francisco Rosas wool flannel dress, $2,175; Sergio Rossi Edwina patent-leather-and-satin platform sandals, $650; Ralph Lauren Collection sunglasses, $210; Tiny Jewel Box gray Tahitian pearl necklace, $28,000, and earrings, $4,500.

Photo 8. On him: Canali Couture single-breasted, three-button cashmere-and-chinchilla striped coat, $7,595, and single-breasted, two-button pin-striped suit, $2,595; Isaia striped shirt, $375, and tie, $225; Torino ostrich-leg belt, $170; Berluti lace-up leather shoes, $1,850. On her: Belvest baby-cashmere topcoat with orylag collar, $4,125, and English cashmere jacket with flared skirt (not shown), $4,965; Brioni silk shirt, $965, and V-neck cashmere sweater, $1,265; Tiny Jewel Box multicolored pearl necklace, $18,370, and pearl-and-diamond earrings, $5,275.


A. Link 212.838.5355,

Belvest 212.317.0460,

Berluti 212.439.6400,

Borrelli 212.644.9610,

Brioni 888.778.8775,

Burberry 800.284.8480,

Canali 212.842.8700,

Cartier 800.227.8437,

Dunhill 212.753.9292,

Ebel 800.920.3153,

Emporio Armani 866.602.7799,

Ermenegildo Zegna 888.880.3462,

Francisco Rosas available at Neapolitan, 847.441.7784,

Fratelli Rossetti 212.888.5107,

Gianfranco Ferré 212.717.5430,

Gurhan 646.230.1122,

Hermès 800.441.4488,

Isaia 888.996.7555,

Jack Kelége 213.622.1290,

Kiton 212.813.0272,

Kwiat 800.927.4367,

Louis Vuitton 866.884.8866,

Massimo Bizzocchi 212.675.4055,

Paul Morelli 215.922.7392,

Ralph Lauren 888.475.7674,

Salvatore Ferragamo 800.628.8916,

Sergio Rossi 212.223.7114,

Stefano Ricci New York boutique, 212.371.3901; Beverly Hills boutique, 310.858.9595;

Stella McCartney 212.255.1556,

Stuart Weitzman New York boutique, 212.750.2555; Beverly Hills boutique, 310.860.9600;

Tom Ford 212.359.0300,

Torino available at Mitchells of Westport, Conn., 203.227.5165,

Yossi Harari 212.463.7950,

All jewelry on these pages available at Tiny Jewel Box 202.393.2747,

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