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Gucci’s new shoe trunk recalls an earlier era of transport...

Gucci’s new shoe trunk recalls an earlier era of transport.

A well-crafted travel trunk can summon up visions of luxurious international travel in the early 20th century, before the advent of airliners. Prosperous voyagers would board ocean liners with stacks of custom wardrobe trunks carrying whatever clothing and accessories they might need during their visits abroad. Working as a hotel liftboy at the Savoy in London in the early 1900s, Guccio Gucci, an immigrant from Italy, saw firsthand just how refined travel could be. And when he opened a leather goods and luggage shop in his native Florence in 1921, the trunks and bags of the hotel’s well-heeled guests inspired many of the designs he sold. The shop eventually expanded and evolved into the fashion brand that now offers the Gucci Guccissima Leather Handcrafted Shoe Trunk (gucci.com). Constructed with a lightweight wood frame covered with dark-brown leather stamped with the Gucci logo, the $49,300 trunk resembles the type of luggage that accompanied Savoy guests a century ago. It contains 13 removable drawers and three fold-down compartments with holding straps and space for linens. The trunk, which can be customized, is also equipped with locks, a handle, and an ID tag, because though it may not fit in an overhead compartment, it is intended for travel. 

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