Tumi’s Travel Essentials

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Tumi re-created some if its original leather travel pieces this season. Best known for pioneering the use of high-quality ballistic nylon in travel and business bags, the company actually began selling leather bags imported from Columbia and Peru. The new Tumi Originals collection is inspired by the first collection, but modified to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated traveler. Tumi Originals offers an array of utilitarian travel items from garment bags to duffle bags, priced from $295 to $795.  

Tumi also unveiled a new personalization program for fall that gives customers an opportunity to individualize their basic ballistic nylon bags with colorful components in six options: red, magenta, silver, blue, green, and brown. The $50 service is being offered in Tumi’s boutiques and on its Web site and will make it easy for travelers to distinguish their black bag from the dozens of others on the luggage carousel at the airport. (www.tumi.com)


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