Two New Souped-up Specs for Skiing

Now you can compare and share your ski stats through your smart phone with Zeal Optics’ Z3 Live—the company’s latest model of technologically advanced ski goggles to hit the market.

Zeal Optics, which released the market’s first GPS ski goggles last year (the Transcend GPS), has upgraded its technology for the release of this season’s two new specs—the Z3 GPS goggles ($550), which debuted in December, and the Z3 Live ($675), which debuted this month. Its signature real-time speed, altitude, and temperature tracking system, stopwatch, and chronos mode are now accessible by a wireless remote, which allows skiers to select their data from controls on their wrists, arms, or goggle straps and play them through an odometer located on the inner right lens as they go down the hill.

The Z3 models also feature a larger polarized anti-fog lens that prevents condensation and automatically adjusts to light levels, nearly negating glare from the sun and slopes. The Z3 Live features additional Android apps, including location tracking, navigation, points of interest, buddy tracking, text messaging, caller ID, and music.


Zeal Optics’ Z3 GPS and Z3 Live also come with downloadable software that allows users to transfer all data from their goggles to their computers, so they can play back runs in 3-D on Google Earth or compare runs, speeds, and vertical distance with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The goggles operate on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to seven hours. (888.454.9325, www.zealoptics.com)

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