Updated Straw-Hat Styles from Albertus Swanepoel

The hatmaker has revitalized the craft with innovative techniques and modified shapes…

Photo by Lisa Charles Watson, Styling by Charles W. Bumgardner

“When a man wears a hat he is a bit more confident,” observes Albertus Swanepoel (albertusswanepoel.com), the South African–born hatmaker who crafts men’s and women’s hats by hand. There has been a resurgence in men’s hats, he says, because “men are more adventurous and more comfortable with fashion, and they want to express their individuality.” Every man, he adds, should own a few key silhouettes, such as the straw fedoras shown here ($175 to $350). Swanepoel is doing his part to keep the hatmaking craft alive, training a new generation of artisans in his New York City atelier and updating traditional styles with hand-painted trim, innovative weaving techniques, and modified shapes.

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