Z Zegna Releases a Winter Jacket with an Internal Heating System

The sporty Icon Warmer Jacket reaches 84 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a minute…

Z Zegna (the younger, more modern division of the Milanese menswear by Ermenegildo Zegna) has combined bespoke tailoring with state-of-the-art technology to create an activewear jacket that is as bold as the men who will undoubtedly wear it. The Z Zegna Icon Warmer Jacket—which was the highlight of the brand’s fall showcase—is a traditional outer shell, laced with heating panels designed to keep wearers warm during even the coldest of weather. Activated via a small switch in the pocket, the jacket dispels bursts of heat in 40-second intervals, allowing the internal temperature to reach 84 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a minute. The built-in battery is good for 13 hours of warmth and can be recharged by simply placing the coat on the accompanying wireless charging hanger. The Icon Warmer Jacket is available in blue or white nylon ($1,395) or Techmerino ($1,795). Techmerino (made in part from merino wool) is a highly breathable, water-resistant material that wicks away moisture, making it an ideal option for skiing, snowboarding, or other snow sports. (zegna.com

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