This pioneering pant maker from the Vicenza region of Italy is known for its recent introduction of Zanext, a new waistband technology that gives greater elasticity to wool and other natural fibers. The process involves moving the cloth through a machine, which was invented by an English company called Profit, that adds a membrane to the fiber to allow it to stretch. Slacks with Zanext waistband construction are capable of expanding a full size larger to provide greater comfort while sitting. Beyond its technical prowess, Zanella’s Platinum and top-of-the-line Sartorial collections consistently raise the bar for ready-made dress trousers. Platinum trousers feature pleats inside the waistband for greater ease of movement, a notched V back split for better fit and easy alterations, three separate fly closures on every pair to maintain an elegant flat front, and basted pockets. Meanwhile the brand’s new Sartorial slacks line goes one better: They feature a hidden coin pocket in the waistband, pick-stitched seams, button cuffs, genuine horn buttons, as well as other details more commonly found on slacks produced by the finest bespoke tailors.

Inside Information

The company is so innovative it once produced a reversible pair of slacks made from two lightweight cotton dress shirt cloths. This spring Zanella began testing a new overdye process in which fine wool plaids are overdyed to create multiple gradations of color.

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