Esquivel Shoes Collaborates with Wickett & Craig for its Spring Collection

The shoemaker and leather tannery join forces to craft two new men’s styles...

The modern American footwear brand Esquivel Shoes, known for its Old World approach to handcrafting footwear, has teamed up with the nearly 150-year-old leather tannery Wickett & Craig to create a new capsule collection of men’s shoes for the spring season. The Esquivel and Wickett & Craig collection merges the 20-year-old, Los Angeles­–based company’s revived-classic designs with the quality vegetable-tanned leather from the tannery—one of the oldest and last remaining of its kind in the United States—to offer two new styles. The cap-toe Oxford ($2,600) is available in brown, grey, and burgundy; and the more casual Derby shoe ($1,800) is available in brown and grey. Each pair is cut, burnished, lasted, and stained by hand in a meticulous process that takes up to three weeks. “The focus of this collection is craftsmanship,” explains George Esquivel, the brand’s founder and designer. “I think Wickett & Craig and Esquivel Shoes both pay attention to detail and put a high emphasis on quality. When two brands come together that have the same goals for the end product, only good things can come.” All of the styles are made to order and available exclusively through appointments at Esquivel Shoes’ L.A. showroom. (esquivelshoes.com)

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