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This Bonkers Sneaker Stand Levitates Your Kicks in Midair

It's a nifty way to show off your prized kicks.

Hypelev Levitating Sneaker Display Stand Everknown

Hypelev wants to take your coveted kicks to new heights, literally. The innovative display stand, designed by American outfit Everknown, can actually suspend your sneakers in midair to create a truly mesmerizing footwear spectacle.

You may be wondering how Hypelev makes your sneakers levitate. Well, the secret is through the manipulation of electromagnetic currents. The stand is equipped with one magnet while another separate magnet is placed inside the heel of your chosen shoe. Upon levitation, a fan starts blowing to rotate your kicks endlessly in midair.

There are 10 levels to properly adjust the levitation. Each level is equivalent to an additional 3.5 ounces of weight. You can simply switch through the levels using the knob on the back of the display to see which works the best.

Measuring approximately 19 inches, the stand is made from a mix of acrylic, copper and plastic. It is available in either black or white to complement any decor. It also comes fitted with a bright LED light to illuminate the floating footwear. The setup is pretty straightforward: just plug it in, turn it on and watch your sneaker spin. (You can also watch this video to help with setup.)

Buyers should be warned that the built-in fan may make a little noise when it’s on (kind of like the hum of a MacBook Pro). It’s also important to remember that the magnetic strength depends on how heavy the chosen shoe is. Currently, Hypelev can support sneakers up to a size 15 in US Men’s. The maximum weight for it to stay afloat is two pounds and three ounces. In other words, most sneakers should work fine.

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $250

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