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These Custom Nike ‘Jesus Shoes’ Will Literally Let You Walk on (Holy) Water

The soles of the ridiculous custom Nike Air Max 97s are reportedly filled with 60cc of Holy Water.

The MSCHF X INRI “Jesus Shoes” Courtesy of MSCHF

While less discerning sneakerheads maybe be obsessed with vintage Jordans and just-released Yeezys, the true sneakerhead is actually on the hunt for shoes that no one else has. And right now, the current hottest kick around is a customized pair of Nike Air Max 97s that promise to let you walk on water—literally.

But it’s not just any water you’ll walk be walking on in MSCHF X INRI “Jesus Shoes,” but actual Holy Water. According to the shoe’s extremely over the top website, the sole of each shoe is filled with 60cc of artificially colored water sourced directly from the River Jordan that has been blessed by an ordained minister of unspecified clerical affiliation.

But a sole filled with Holy Water is far from the shoe’s only religious—or sacrilegious, depending on your perspective—nod. The white and turquoise-accented sneaker also features 100-percent red wool insoles scented with Frankincense that are supposed to be a reference to the Vatican and, one would assume, Papal slippers. There’s also a steel crucifix meant to dangle from the shoe’s laces.

Other design flourishes include “MSCF” stamped on the back of the left shoe, which stands for the Brooklyn-based studio responsible for the shoes, and “INRI” on the left, which stands for Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum, or “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” in Latin. The shoe’s toe box is also stamped with “MT. 14:25,” a reference to the verse in the Book of Matthew in which Jesus walks on water.

The MSCHF X INRI “Jesus Shoes”

The MSCHF X INRI “Jesus Shoes”  Courtesy of MSCHF


Of course, if you actually want to buy a pair of “Jesus Shoes,” be prepared to drop a load of dough. The shoes originally sold for $1,425 when the went on sale earlier this week on Stock X but sold out within minutes. But fret not, pairs are still available on Stock X, as of press time, for those willing to pay a $300 to $2,500 markup.

The MSCHF X INRI “Jesus Shoes”

Courtesy of MSCHF

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