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Robb Recommends: These Winter Boots Are So Lightweight They Feel Like Sneakers

CQP's Sabulo boot has the good looks and comfort that made its casual shoes a hit.

CQP's Sabulo boot in black suede. CQP

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Boots are a winter essential for anyone living in colder climes (and even for many who don’t—we’re looking at you Californians). While there’s no shortage of handsome options out there, in service of being hardy enough to withstand inclement weather, the hardiest winter boots generally come at a cost: bulk. That’s why I’ve been pleasantly surprised by CQP’s recently launched Sabulo: it’s rugged and durable but wears with all the ease of sneakers.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be all that surprising, given that the Swedish brand made its name with elegantly understated tennis shoes (whose praises we’ve sung previously). The Sabulo is CQP’s first design to break from the sneaker mold but it retains the comfort and minimalist good looks that made us fans of the brand’s kicks. As to the latter, the Sabulo has the utilitarian aesthetic of traditional hiking boots but is rendered with a lighter touch—it’s a no-brainer with denim but is refined enough to pair with smarter stuff.

CQP's Sabulo boot in dark brown suede.


More than the design, it’s how this boot wears that makes it stand apart. Set atop a sturdy, treaded rubber sole, the Sabulo is adept at navigating ice-slicked city streets but, unlike many similarly rugged shoes, doesn’t feel like you’re wearing ankle weights—ideal for long days out and about. The lightly padded collars and roomy toe further the comfort factor while water-resistant Italian suede uppers look and feel decidedly luxe (but don’t worry about being too precious with them—they can take a bit of a beating). Even for those who choose boots more for the style than the utility, CQP’s are lightweight—and good-looking—enough to be enjoyed no matter the weather.

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