Salvatore Ferragamo’s New Made-To-Order Program Lets Anyone Be a Fashion Designer

Ferragamo’s new service offers shoes that perfectly fit your personal style as well as your feet…

A new made-to-order program by Salvatore Ferragamo gives each patron the opportunity to put their own twist on the classic brand’s elegant designs. Launched in September, the Tramezza made-to-order experience offers customizable leather Oxfords, Double Monkstraps, and Monkstrap Boots. Each client is able to choose their shoes’ detailing, material, color, and buckle finish, and can even monogram the soles for the ultimate in personalization. And while the shoes themselves are a first for Ferragamo, so too are the packages in which they come: red shoeboxes that resemble small, bespoke trunks. The service’s tedious shoemaking procedure—including six hours of work by an expert cobbler and a four-day shaping process—requires up to 12 weeks for delivery after an order is placed. The custom-designed shoes start at $1,500 and go up to $13,500 for the enticing crocodile-leather option. (ferragamo.com)

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