These Trendy Sneakers Are Hand Sewn by Italian Artisans

The dress sneakers from Strange Matter add the perfect kick to dark jeans and a sport coat…

Sneakers are not ordinarily handmade by artisans, but Strange Matter is not an ordinary company. To create sneakers truly worthy of a bespoke wardrobe, the New York–based design studio has introduced the Strange Matter Clean Series, a new line of low-, mid-, and high-top sneakers—all handcrafted in Tuscany.

Made from premium Italian leather and suede, the shoes are sewn using the same techniques used for classic dress shoes, including stitch-and-turn detailing and a fully calfskin-lined construction. After the upper of the whole-cut oxfords is finished, the shoes are spot ironed to remove creases in the leather, then cleaned and edge painted.

Paired with dark jeans and a dress shirt or a T-shirt and sport coat, the Clean Series sneakers can transition effortlessly from work to leisure and be worn year-round. Starting at $360 per pair, the sneakers can be purchased at barneys.com and are available in black, off-white, and gray. (astrangematter.com)

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