The 7 Best Electric Razors for a Quick, Close Shave

If you can't be bothered with lathering up, these devices are your best bets.

The Best Electric Razors for Men in 2022 Amazon

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Unless you’re precious about having a baby-smooth barbershop shave, there’s little reason to be using a standard, manual razor anymore.

The primary alternative? The electric shaver. While buying one of these devices can be an investment in terms of cost (though plenty of terrific low-cost options exist too), it’s also an investment for your skin, time and sanity. The best electric shavers for men can trim minutes off your morning routine. Plus, because they’re designed not to break the surface of your skin, they can help you finally kick razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness, cuts and irritation bumps.

Shaving purists will argue that no shave can be as close as a razor shave, because the razor cuts the hair below the surface of the skin, which is precisely why so many guys experience the above agonies. On top of that, shaving hygiene is a process, since you’ve got to keep fresh and sharp blades in rotation, plus properly clean and dry the blade between uses. With an electric razor, a simple flush of hairs is enough between uses, so long as you oil up the blades at proper intervals. And if you’re put off by the fact that an electric razor doesn’t shave as closely as a manual one (and the fact that you might get stubble one day sooner), well, a simple minute-long pass with the shaver will get you back to the baseline. Usually, you can even do this while showering, as most of the best electric shavers for men allow for wet usage, too.

Don’t get us wrong; we love a razor shave, too. And we understand why some guys like to take their time and turn the shave into a therapeutic process. But even these guys should have an electric razor on hand, for the moments when they want quick cleanups, or if they want to travel without all of the accoutrement involved in a standard shave. With the electric shaver, you need only the device.


Read on for our picks of the best electric shavers for men, from rotary to foil options, and even one for the bald-head shavers.

The Best Electric Shaver Overall: Panasonic Arc6 Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: Panasonic Arc6


Panasonic’s new Arc6 is the most muscular shaver on the market. ​When it comes to standard razor blades, the message is often “more blades are better.” But more blades can often yield more razor drag and more irritation. This is not the case for electric shavers; in the Arc6’s case, its four foil heads simply yield a faster, more efficient and precise cleanup. In addition to the foils, it’s got two “lifting” crossbars that mow longer stubble. The flexible heads move in 22 directions while humming at a whopping 84,000 cross-cuts per minute. An hour’s charge gives 50 minutes of power, and the tool even has a beard sensor, which adjusts its intensity based on how dense and thick your facial hair is in any given area.

Buy Now: $399.99

The Best Investment: Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: Braun Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver


When it comes to the great war of electric shavers, you will find as many Braun loyalists as Panasonic ones. And that’s for good reason. Among Braun’s best shavers is the Series 9 Pro, with a warranty twice as long as Panasonic’s (two years for the former compared to one year for the latter), and a lifting bar that shears beards as long as 3 mm, around one week’s worth of growth. It makes 40,000 cross-cuts per minute with its four foil heads and one crossbar, and holds an impressive 1:1 charge, maxing out at one hour.

Buy Now: $299.99

The Best Rotary Shaver: Philips Norelco Shaver 3800

Best Electric Shavers: Philips Norelco Shaver 3800


Electric shavers don’t have to have all the bells and whistles; some rely on simple and can’t-fail design to effectively give you a smooth shave. Philips’ 3800 shaver is the best in the rotary category, with its tri-paneled head that hugs the contours of your face as it glides over stubble. It holds a 1:1 charge ratio (up to one hour) and harbors 27 self-sharpening blades beneath the hood.

Buy Now: $79.99

The Best Foil Shaver: Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Wet/Dry Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: Andis reSURGE Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver


While the first two picks on our list deploy foil heads, they also give many users more power than necessarily needed. Andis takes things back to basics: Two foil heads, one crossbar and nearly 10,000 crosscuts per minute. Then again, ‘basic’ is the wrong word for such a beautiful device. It’s also a heavy hitter for bald-head shaves, should you want a shaver that does double duty above your cheekbones.

Buy Now: $149.99

The Best for Acne and Anti-Aging: Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: Mowbie Light Stimulation Rotary Shaver


Shaving newbies will love Mowbie (and so will shaving vets). Its LED light system adds a youthful element to your shave: Not only will it deliver a baby-smooth finish, but it also incorporates red LED lights designed to promote collagen production and limit inflammation of the skin. Its blue LED lights can kill acne-causing bacteria. So, whether wrinkles or acne are a concern, this device will mind both matters as it mows through your stubble.

Buy Now: $49.88

The Best Portable Electric Shaver: BaByliss PRO GoldFX Foil Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: BaByliss PRO GoldFX Foil Shaver


If you don’t shave as frequently—or simply want an easy cleanup on the go—then take the barber-favorite BaByliss PRO with you. That’s gold plating you’re looking at, by the way.

Buy Now: $129.99

The Best Electric Shaver for Bald Heads: Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

Best Electric Shavers: Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver


Five rotary heads comprise Remington’s palm-held, bald-head shaver. It gives a 360-degree shave around all the contours of your head and is waterproof for those guys who want a quick shower polish. This device holds a 50-minute charge, is easy to flush clean, has a non-slip grip and is most optimal on one or two days of growth. Anything longer and you may have to bust out your clippers first.

Buy Now: $69.99

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