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Robb Recommends: This Futuristic Razor Set Evokes the Same Fluid Lines of Your Porsche

It will be the second best-looking thing in your bathroom—next to your reflection, of course.

Bolin Webb X1 Razor set Bolin Webb
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Of all the things we do to optimize the ritual of shaving, most of them are focused on sensory experience: how does your pre-shave oil smell? How does your shaving brush feel when you rub it across your cheeks? What kind of blade balancing will reduce the chance of you slicing your face? And while all of those are valid and important concerns, they sometimes can get in the way of how all of these products look.

Bolin Webb X1 Razor set

Bolin Webb

That’s why we’re glad that the brilliant team at Mr Porter is now selling Bolin Webb shaving products here in the United States. (Previously, you could order them direct from the British makers, or hunt down one of the brand’s retailers, and then you’d have to just wait for them to cross the pond.) To a SKU, each of the products is designed to evoke the fluid lines of fast-paced race cars and other automobiles and are offered in a selection of colors that call to mind a high-end garage.

Luckily, we’ve found that they look great on a sink, too. Order one of the sets, seen here in matte blue, and you’ll find that the blade’s handle rests comfortably on the rubberized cradle. It’s also weighty enough to help the blades do the job they’re supposed to do: shave your face clean, without you having to apply too much pressure. (The razors work with Gillette’s Fusion Pro-Glide blades.)

All in all, Bolin Webb offers an aesthetic lift to your morning routine, bringing a distinct sense of luxury to the most sensitive time of the day.


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