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A One-of-a-Kind Lipstick Case Carved From Solid Ruby

This refillable ruby tube, set with rose diamonds and filled with an alluring red shade, took 225 hours to carve.

Valdé ruby lipstick case Courtesy of Valdé

Margarita Arriagada spent four years developing Valdé, her line of lipstick, before launch in 2020. But it had been on her mind a lot longer: She’d previously spent 19 years at Sephora—including a decade as the global retailer’s chief merchant—where she watched countless containers get heaped into landfills in the pursuit of beauty. As a result, the longevity of a lipstick’s case is just as important to her as the quality of the product inside it. The refillable tube she created for her array of lip colors is made from a zinc alloy that’s designed to stand up to years of use, and its heaviness in the hand and hourglass design elevate a quotidian ritual into something to be savored.

But to complement these curvaceous objects, Arriagada has periodically offered a special edition of cases made from stone—amethyst as well as pink and white quartz—which make even more of an impression. For Robb Report, Arriagada has created the ultimate lipstick case, carved from a solid block of ruby over the course of 225 grueling hours. On its lid is a small ring of gold set with 65 small rose diamonds, placed to highlight the mirror that enables you to touch up on the go.

Inside, the lipstick bullet is a creamy, satin-finish stick made with many of the same ingredients as Arriagada’s other shades: hyaluronic acid for hydration, botanical extracts to help your lips feel smoother, and even powdered ruby for a red hue with a truly gem-like quality.

The unique tube and lipstick cost $60,000. Email giftguide@robbreport.com for more details.

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