Italy’s Finest Grooming Products Just Got a Lot Easier to Buy Online

Mozzafiato, a new website, brings the country's finest toiletries to your door.

Mozzafiato's "Italian Gentleman" includes all of the shop's most popular grooming products. Mozzafiato

Italy perfected la dolce vita—impeccable tailoring, sumptuous fabric mills, fabulous food, divine hotels. The nation’s many delights have long been celebrated but, curiously, its beauty and grooming products haven’t had the recognition they deserve. Mozzafiato is here to change that.

The luxury e-commerce retail platform launched in November 2020 and brings together the best Italian beauty and grooming companies on one easily shoppable site. It has a tightly edited assortment of brands, including cult favorites like Marvis toothpaste, as well as several brands that are beloved in Italy but haven’t made the leap into America.

Mozzafiato is the first e-commerce site dedicated exclusively to Italian grooming brands. It is the brainchild of Amy Parsons, CEO, who wanted to support these companies in their international expansion. While it is e-commerce only right now, there are plans to open boutiques in 20 different markets in the US and Canada.

Parsons wanted to create “a beautiful, emotional experience,” not just another click-to-buy e-commerce boutique. Mozzafiato is packed with information about the heritage of the brands it stocks, as well as features on Italian craftsmanship, a beauty and travel blog and a guide to Italy’s different regions. Each brand also has a dedicated page that tells its story. Many of the companies are still family-owned and feature personal images of the founders from the early 1900s.

Mozzafiato launched with 17 cherry-picked Italian makers and we’ve pulled out five of its best men’s products for you to try.

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