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Robb Recommends: Why Gillette Labs’s $200 Heated Razor Is Worth Every Penny

Its magic quality? Turning a quotidian chore into a luxurious experience.

The Heated Razor from Gillette Labs Gillette
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Generally speaking, shaving is an uncomfortable chore—and unlike having your home cleaned or your hedges clipped, it falls into a category of maintenance tasks that even the flushest among us can’t always outsource.

Which is why I’m such a big fan of Gillette Labs’s relatively new Heated Razor: it brings the comfort of a hot towel shave to every stroke of its blades, turning a quotidian necessity into a genuinely pleasurable experience.

The Heated Razor from Gillette Labs


It does this by means of a heated metal bar located just beneath the five-blade cartridge. This bar almost instantly heats to either 113 or 122 degrees, depending on your personal preference. (After painstaking research and development, the engineers at Gillette Labs found that these two temperatures made sense for the widest swath of its global customer base. For me personally, 122 degrees feels the most optimal.) In the several months that I’ve been shaving with the razor, I’ve found that this delivers a much more consistent dose of warmth than simply running the blades under warm water between passes.

It also feels good to hold: the well-balanced, waterproof handle gives you a feeling of security and grip, which is especially handy for guys who shave in the shower. And while it certainly costs more than anything you might pick up at CVS, its price also reflects how much better it feels by comparison. If you’re the kind of person who opts for upgrades, you’ll love welcoming this razor into your daily routine.


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